Introduction: Sighting on Legislative Sedition

You couldn’t educate yourself to a political state of mind fast enough to catch up with the currents that are transforming the US to a charter government of the UK, but what you CAN do is sight on the stream of information and events which are shaping the change process through legislative sedition, it’s prevalence upon your life, and determine how much of this you are willing to go along with.

There are four constants in neo politics people are typically not aware of, although they are being led to believe it doesn’t matter, which is beneficial to neo promoters at the expense of an otherwise naive electorate.  Learning these takes a few minutes, while practicing knowledge of how to engage them takes a lifetime.  Regardless of how challenging this may seem to people who are accustomed to speedy and convenient solutions for complex problems, the only real barrier to learning how to do this is motivation.

Anticipating that you will be looking for salvation, you need to understand I can not motivate you to think, but I can tell you what thinking is and evaluate your ability to use your mind productively; but this too is not the point of this site.  People come to problems and issues seeking a rescue usually after they’ve wrecked their lives realizing to late having understood certain problems beforehand could have saved them the hell of rediscovering how to live well, and I am afraid this is the case for our constitutional republic as well.

With this in mind do weigh the value of these constants, your willingness to acquiesce and the future this will bring to your families in perpetuity.  The long look is difficult in a life style that aggrandizes immediate gratification, albeit your lack of vigilance to key issues which you control by your vote presents opportunistic upon a culture of charm offense that has established itself in the White House and throughout the country having embedded in state and local government via occult protocol, you in the wings feeling it coiled around you and having no way to free yourself of it except through education that will empower to to vote more carefully if you are paying attention.


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